Dear Nigerians and NCGC Members in particular; indulge me to use this opportunity to say a big thank you to all the Nigerian women in Northeast Ohio for the support, love, and kindness they showed towards this term-ending administration. We could not have done anything without you all; the support and kindness you showered to the people we serve was an inspiration for us all. I want to let you all know what an outstanding job we all are doing with our elderly ones has not gone unnoticed. God will surely bless us all for thinking and caring for them. You all helped this organization grow, we cannot thank you enough. I am proud of my Nigerian Community for all we do.

Women are said to be a symbol of positivity, determination, strength, will-power, courage, and a lot more things. I never for a day had any doubt in me that we can deliver…. and we did it!!

It has been a wonderful four years working with  Nigerian/NCGC women; it was not easy but it was  worth it. I did not regret for a day my role as the women’s leader. It was a group effort; I couldn’t have done it without each one of you. A few of us were exceptional, committed, and I thank them for that. I will always remain grateful to NCGC women for a job well done. Special thanks to those of them in the executive that work day and night behind the scene to make this event successful. Some days, I come back from work drained both mentally and physically, still have to call into a meeting to make sure nothing is left undone. It takes sacrifice, tolerance, and commitment to be a leader. I am glad I had the opportunity to do it.

I am glad to have had the opportunity to support my husband on his role as President. Anyone that  knows him will agree with me that working with him is not easy especially when it is what he believes in; and for one to get his attention, you have to flow with him. My advice to the next NCGC woman leader is to tag/pull the women along with you. Always find a way to send your message along to them with no disrespect.

I sincerely enjoyed working with every one of you; we had a cordial relationship. There was respect  for one another; I looked forward to our Sunday meetings at my house. It was an honor/privilege given to me. If you did not participate in this administration, “you missed out”. Please make an effort to be part of your community in everything they do, no one is an Island!

Long live NCGC! Long Live the Federal Republic of Nigeria!!

Lolo Dorathea Ugomma Muruako

Chairperson Women’s Committee